We have a business facebook but keep our personal facebooks personal.

We would like for you to connect with us on social media , see http://getthebankoffyourback.co.za/how-to-get-regular-updates-twitter-facebook-or-linked-in/ but please friend us on the business sites (see link) and not our personal sites.

The personal FB site of Douglas is where you will get pictures of his children being cute and holiday pictures  of sunsets and nice meals from time to time. If, as  you might more likely prefer, you are wanting help in a legal case against the banks or other business area, then you want to follow him on the  business links below. If you want an appointment to come and see him write to me, Lesley, on appointments@bankinglawadvisor.co.za .   If on the other hand, you are an old friend of Douglas and are looking for the personal site, then please email me and let us know.

Follow Douglas on Twitter. https://twitter.com/Bank_Law_Advise. Twitter or FB  are by far the best way to be kept up to date with the developments. You can also read the previous updates and get the whole story to date.

The FB page is at https://www.facebook.com/bankinglawadvisor4/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel  and you can join and get the updates from there.

It is also possible to get the updates on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/douglas-j-shaw-4652b51/

The same information goes to Twitter, FB and Linked in.

You can also go to the website www.bankinglawadvisor.co.za or www.getthebankoffyourback.co.za but that is not updated very often, so the above are better for updates and the sites better for information that doesn’t change much.

Similarly, we post on the above weekly or so, sometimes daily, but we only email once every month or so.