How to get regular updates (Twitter, Facebook or Linked in and You Tube)

Frequency is on average once a week or so.  Sometimes it will be every day or two for a while when something is going on, then other times there are gaps of a few weeks (usually when Douglas is on holiday), when less is happening.


Follow Douglas on Twitter. Twitter or FB  are by far the best way to be kept up to date with the developments. You can also read the previous updates and get the whole story to date.

The FB page is at  and you can join and get the updates from there.

It is also possible to get the updates on linkedin:

The same information goes to Twitter, FB and Linked in.

You can also go to the website but that is not updated very often, so the above are better.

Similarly, we post on the above weekly or so, sometimes daily, but we usually only email once every month or so or less.

Douglas also posts videos from time to time. If you subscribe to his channel, you will get notifications,  to get updates of these see: