Thobejane — banks rebuked again for abusive practices.

This is the case from a few weeks ago where banks were wrapped over the knuckles for bringing matters to the High Court which should be in the Magistrates court  and for bringing matters to the High Court in Pretoria which though they can be brought there, would have been better brought to the High Court Johannesburg where the property was.  Great decision.  it was reported in the press but not its name.  I have now found the name and the judgment!

Nedbank vs Thobejane  84041/15

We have had problems with banks during this around the country, clients from Joburg having to schlep to Pretoria and from Durban having to go to Pietermaritzburg  so its great this problem is being addressed.

(I sent a link to the story about this before  but knowing the name will help you quote it in cases.)