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Welcome to Banking Law Advisor!
We specialise in helping people defend themselves against the actions of banks, helping them save their houses. We try and make sure that if you sell your house it is for good value and not sold through our incredibly dysfunctional sheriff’s auction system. We also sue banks if they are at fault, particularly if they have sold your house or car for less than its worth.

The first appointment is at the discount rate of R1500. This is for an hour. If you need longer you can get a double for R2990. If you have a corporate case or the property is very valuable or the situations particularly complex, this may be a good idea.

In Joburg, we only see/take calls people on Thursdays and at our offices. Send us a few times for Thursday between 10 and 4 that you are free and we will send you confirmation of which one (or even better tell us ‘any time’ if you can come any time). Also please  confirm you will pay the R1500 by the time of the appointment.

In CT/KZN, the day we see people varies.  The locations and directions for all cities are here. 

Please also send us a copy of the court heading (first page), if you have, and bring it along.

More information about how we may be able to help you is at our knowledge base website at
If you are a journalist and want Adv. Shaw’s  opinion on something, then talk to to get a good time to meet or phone.

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