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This is information you might need in order to get your comfortable with getting started with Banking Law Advisor:

1 BLA people are on TV and in the press regularly, fighting for you against the banks, they are committed to this cause. They are specialised they are not divorce lawyers who have decided to try and help you with your banking cases or firms that regularly represent banks or do conveyancing work for them.

Douglas on SABC. Click the bottom right link. Then watch the top two videos also 

Adv Douglas J Shaw and Banking Law Advisor in the Press

2 BLA clients are mostly happy with the help they get from BLA

Videos from People that have been assisted by BLA in the past. 

3 If you go it alone and lose then the consequences could be dire. You can lose your house for peanuts or fail to get any compensation if you have already lost it.

You need to sign up with BLA if you want to win.