How do I join the Constitutional Court Case if my house has been sold

If the bank has sold your house for less than it is worth then you can join the Constitutional Court case.

We believe that the banks have been negligent in sending houses to the sheriff’s system knowing the system was highly dysfunctional and knowing that it was likely the properties would reach no more than half price and possibly only 10% or less.

If we win then the bank will need to pay you back the difference between what the house was worth and what it was sold for.  Alternatively the courts will give such other order as it sees fit.

It is not free to join the case but it is much much cheaper than if you had to fund the whole case yourself (which would be hundreds of thousands). This is because the cost is shared between many people.

Come and see us and we will assess your particular circumstances and how much you will need to pay. We often allow people to pay over a period of time if they are in difficult circumstances. If we win, it is possible you will  get vastly more back than you pay.  Contact us on for an appointment.