Hello Peter

It might be a good idea to raise your complaint on Hello Peter.

Better than the Ombudsman anyway, who only recommends against the bank in the most extreme circumstances and is badly in need of reform.

To complain on Hello Peter, you just need to open an account (which is free) online at the site: https://www.hellopeter.com

According to the site as of September 2018 the ratings for the big 4 banks are:

Nedbank 3.5
FNB  2.4
Standard    2.3
ABSA   1.9

You might think this is out of 5 which would be bad, but its out of 10! So these ratings are really bad.

These are out of 20,000 odd reviews for the big banks, so I am not sure if making a complaint is going to make a huge amount of difference in the greater scheme of things, but you never know.

One place where it might make a difference is where you are dealing with attorneys and they are going further than the bank would go or not settling where the bank would have been inclined to settle.