Entering Information for Consumers on Credit Bureaux

In our view, no information should be recorded against any of our clients while the case is in the courts and pending.  We understand also Section 14.6.8 of the CPA Constitution.

At the very least in terms of NCA 70 (2) (b) it should be recorded that it is recorded against the debt that it is currently disputed in the High Court whether the alleged debt is valid. And we hereby request that you enter this information for this client and the other clients that we will send to you.

(  70 (2) (b)   accept without charge the filing of consumer credit information from the consumer concerned for the purpose of correcting or challenging information otherwise held by that credit bureau concerning that consumer>).

It should be clear from the information listed that the case is a case against the banks by the consumer and not by the bank.

It is imperative in terms of the prologue to the NCA that the credit bureaux system works justly for all citizens and does not simply become an arm of the banking sector.